What Not To Do When Facing A Once In A Lifetime Event

The world is in the grip of a once in a lifetime event.

A global pandemic has changed everything - how we work, how we relate to each other, how we visit each other (or not), how we shop, how we look, how we school our kids - everything has changed.

When Everything Has Changed

When everything has changed, our reaction to it needs to change too. We can't do the same things we've always done.

Business strategy is out the window.  Entire industries are in hibernation. "Safe" careers no longer exist. Employees are having to change jobs, become self-employed or face unemployment.

Businesses are being told this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to "pivot", to try new ways of working.

Employees are working from home while home-schooling - everything has changed. Or has it?

Except Politics

In the middle of this crisis, we have a general election in New Zealand.

If ever there was a time to change the political game - this is it.

If everything has changed, you would think our politicians would change, but No.

Our politicians, of all persuasions, continue behaving as they always do. They are:

  • point scoring
  • antagonistic, confrontational
  • retreating to old left vs right responses
  • vote grabbing
  • taking credit but no responsibility
  • politicising the situation
  • not being brave enough to make the tough calls our kids need them to make

We Are Losing A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Yes, one group will win the election, but I can't help feeling that as a country we will all have lost.

Lost a once in a lifetime opportunity to do things differently.

To show how leaders from all parties can put aside their differences and come together.

To make a plan for all of us, for our children, and their children.

Every party has some great ideas, some good ideas and some not-so-good (i.e. bad) ideas.

Imagine combining the best of these ideas into one plan without having to worry about whether you'll get the votes or be ridiculed.

To Create A Once In A Lifetime Plan

We need a plan that combines an environmental, economic, social, health and welfare response.

Stop wasting time and energy trying to find errors in each other's plans so you can gleefully point -score.

Instead, we should be listening to people from all backgrounds. We need to hear from:


  • ideas people and implementation people
  • artists and architects
  • economists and environmentalists
  • business people and unionists
  • scientists and teachers
  • all ages and stages
  • all races and beliefs
  • all genders and abilities
  • all political persuasions


To create a shared vision for our future

Start With What Unites Us

Elections typically divide us into our political corners. Instead we should be starting with what unites us. For me, it is a desire to create a safe and prosperous world for all our kids and a fierce love of this land.

A once-in-a-lifetime event demands a once-in-a-lifetime response.

Businesses are facing the challenge of this opportunity. They are changing the way they do everything and are asking themselves "Is this the best use of our money right now?"

So, why are all our politicians still asking "Is this the best way to get votes?" This is not the time to be funding pet projects. We should be using this opportunity to collectively address the key issues facing this country in health, the environment, infrastructure and housing.

Politicians should be asking "Is this the best use of our grandchildren's money right now?"

If ever there was a time to put aside personal political aspirations and work together, this is it.

Otherwise, we are wasting the opportunity not only of our lifetime but of generations to come.

What a pity none of our politicians are brave enough.


Photo Credit: Andreea Pop / Unsplash.com

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